United Republic of Tanzania: Statistician

Organization: CTS Global
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Closing date: 20 Mar 2018

Service Title: F. Statistician

Estimated Period of Performance: 6/15/2018 – 6/14/2023

Place of Performance: CDC Office, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Embassy Access and Security Level: 5

Service Objectives:

Provides a broad range of statistical support to the CDC Tanzania and the PEPFAR interagency team.

Provides assistance to data analysts, research physicians, epidemiologist, behavioral scientist, program managers, and other professional staff collaborating on CDC supported programs including PEPFAR supported Public Health Evaluations, Basic Program Evaluations and other implementation science projects.

Develops and reviews protocols, development of sampling plans, the application of appropriate statistical methods to the analysis of program and project data, and the implementation of statistical software applications for epidemiological and surveillance activities for HIV/AIDS.

F.1 Task Requirements (Description of Tasks):

  1. Provide statistical support to CDC Tanzania with all phases of an analytical process: design of studies; design of data collection instruments and systems; data analysis, interpretation and dissemination; assessment of data quality; and presenting the results of disease control program activities and research studies, including surveys.

  2. Provide technical advice, applied training, and direction on the implementation and application of computer software to address statistical and mathematical problems that are technically challenging and demanding in the area of disease prevention, surveillance, and control.

  3. Create, manipulate and analyze large, complex data sets. Devises appropriate methods for summarizing, interpreting and presenting the results of statistical analyses of data compiled from studies and projects. Incumbent provides support in the use of appropriate software to prepare advanced statistical reports and narrative materials for use in publishing the results of studies and for oral presentations.

  4. Reviews and provides feedback on statistical components of scientific reports, papers, and presentations for the purpose of improving their quality as related to their statistical and epidemiologic content.

  5. Provides technical support including: the selection and implementation of appropriate statistical methodologies for analysis, planning data collection activities, reviewing the quality of the collected data, and evaluating the precision and validity of the information collected.

  6. Travel in country (Tanzania) to fulfill a specific program’s monitoring or training requirements and share expertise in disease intervention, public health practices, etc.

  7. Actively participate in respective program branch meetings (Science, Prevention, Clinical, Laboratory, and strategic Information)

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:

a. Graduation from an accredited university with a Ph.D. in Biostatistics and/or Epidemiology or related area, from an accredited college and/or university

b. At least seven years of experience in HIV/AIDS, TB, and/or other communicable disease research and/or program settings focused on analysis and use of routinely available data, preferably in a resource-limited setting

c. Demonstrated experience in developing, conducting and analyzing research and routine programmatic data

d. Specific experience in statistical support, mentoring and capacity building to CDC/USG, Ministry of Health, and implementing partners in the application of statistical methods in the development and implementation of public health research, including the analysis, interpretation, and publication/dissemination of research data.

e. At least three years of substantial knowledge of PEPFAR programs is desirable

f. Ability to demonstrate excellent time and project management skills

g. Level IV English proficiency required

h. Ability to effectively communicate in English (Speaking, Writing, and Reading) on a daily basis with various groups.

i. Ability to work full-time and to be located in Tanzania is required.

Travel Amount (Only applies to performance of Task Order):

1 Trip to USA for an estimated 12 days

1 Trip to South Africa for an estimated 1week

1 Trip to Dodoma, Tanzania for an estimated 2 weeks

1 Trip to Arusha for an estimated 1 weeks

1 Trip to Moshi for an estimated 5 days

How to apply:

Interested candidates should email their cover letter and CV to TaNisha Harris resumes@massgenics.com

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