United Republic of Tanzania: Infrastructure Advisor

Organization: CTS Global
Country: United Republic of Tanzania
Closing date: 20 Mar 2018

Service Title: E. Infrastructure Advisor

Estimated Period of Performance: 6/15/2018 – 6/14/2019

Place of Performance: CDC Office, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Embassy Access and Security Level: 5

Service Objectives:

Provide monitoring of construction services contracted under State Department Regional Procurement and Support (RPSO) and managed by CDC-Contracting Officer Representative (COR) to implement PEPFAR-Tanzania infrastructure development goals.

E.1 Task Requirements (Description of Tasks):

Serve as advisor to CDC-COR on all issues related to construction under the PEPFAR Tanzania infrastructure portfolio;

  1. Provide guidance and mentorship to strengthen CDC Tanzania’s efforts to

build the capacity of CDC Tanzania staff on PEPFAR infrastructure activities.

  1. Participate in Interagency Infrastructure Working Group (IIWG) as necessary, to consult on the development, prioritization, implementation and evaluation of design and construction projects;

  2. Conduct site-visits across Tanzania to monitor projects and attend site meetings with contracted Architect/Engineer technical advisors and construction contractors;

  3. Document and inform the CDC-COR/Activity Manager and IIWG of all site-visit issues, decision points and concerns surrounding the monitoring of construction projects to

facilitate timely USG action and response;

  1. Maintain soft/hard copy documentation of all infrastructure projects for COR files according to USG records management protocols;

  2. Review invoices and bills of quantity (BOQ) for accuracy, then prepare documents necessary for USG prompt payment;

  3. Track financial commitments using complex Excel spreadsheet tool;

  4. Brief USG and URT officials on the status of projects including constraints and alternatives;

  5. Prepare PowerPoint presentations and materials for CDC-COR and IIWG;

  6. Ensure training and mentoring of local staff on utilization of site tools).

  7. Assist with the documentation of official property transfer of construction projects to the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) according to State Department and USG PEPFAR Construction Guidance;

  8. Coordinate with PEPFAR office, Project Officers, and other agencies to communicate, attend, and document practical completion of construction projects.

  9. Ensure proper close-out with RPSO and Financial Management Office (FMO) of contract files for all construction projects;

  10. Establish and document a process for Strategic Sourcing of materials and equipment with

USAID partners on the Interagency Infrastructure Working Group (IIWG);

  1. Ensure that all infrastructure projects (renovation, pre-fabricated structures, and construction) meet established standards and activities are appropriately monitored to meet USG requirements.

  2. Travel in country (Tanzania) to fulfill a specific program’s monitoring or training requirements and share expertise in disease intervention, public health practices, etc.

Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:

a. Graduation from an accredited university with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture or 5 years equivalent work experience.

b. Minimum 1 year experience in civil engineering, architectural design, commercial construction administration, and or/related field experience in Tanzania and/or East Africa required;

c. Minimum 1 year experience with PEPFAR Program Implementation desired;

d. Minimum 1 year experience monitoring United States Government (USG) infrastructure contracts desired;

e. Ability to communicate highly technical information to lay persons when interacting with non-engineering/construction personnel;

f. Advanced Excel spreadsheet processing skills;

g. Excellent time and project management skills;

h. Level IV English and Level III Kiswahili proficiency is required;

i. Ability to effectively communicate in English (Speaking, Writing, and

Reading) on a daily basis with various groups.

j. Ability to work full-time and to be located in Tanzania is required.

Travel Amount (Only applies to performance of Task Order):

1 Trip to USA for an estimated 1 weeks

1 Trip to South Africa for an estimated 1week

1 Trip to Dodoma, Tanzania for an estimated 2 weeks

1 Trip to Abuja for an estimated 2 weeks

1 Trip to Moshi for an estimated 15 days

1 Trip to Mwanza for and estimated 1 week

How to apply:

Interested candidates should email their cover letter and CV to TaNisha Harris resumes@massgenics.com

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